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‘A consistent highlight for me, and part of the reason I love my job so much, is having the chance to meet and build relationships with a really interesting mixture of potential clients and their advisers,’ says Sophie Jewson, who focuses on building relationships and growing the business at Sarasin & Partners. The firm, which Jewson joined six years ago from a corporate finance boutique, comprises 22 pure discretionary investment managers, with a focus on active management. It prides itself on its low turnover of staff — many members of the private client team have been with the firm for an average of ten years, and their average investment experience is 19 years: a feature which is attractive to clients and employees alike. ‘I am fortunate to work closely with some very experienced, hugely interesting individuals,’ says Jewson. ‘I love the team’s passion for global thematic investing. It makes the stock selection process a lot more enjoyable to follow.’ Increased regulation and its associated costs is one of the biggest challenges faced by the sector, she says. ‘With many asset classes delivering low returns, and with increasing cost pressure in the market, investors are going to have to work extra hard to find ways to ensure clients are satisfied with performance.’ Although Brexit will be a challenge, London will remain a global hub, ‘thanks to a highly-regulated financial services market and a city that is easy and safe to visit’.

Sophie Jewson