Spear’s Black Book
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Steve Sims, who says he is known as a real-life Wizard of Oz, heads the concierge service Bluefish. He promises ‘once-in-a-lifetime experiences which are beyond imagination’ to a range of clients from corporate executives and celebrities to professional athletes. From experiencing the Titanic in MIR 1 and MIR 2 submersibles to being privately serenaded by Andrea Bocelli at the foot of Michelangelo’s David, there’s no predicting what unique request he’ll get next. ‘We want to provide amazing experiences, create a “wow” moment. We’re focused on memories over transactions,’ he says. Don’t go to Sims if you’re after the mundane — he’ll turn you away. ‘We want a client that demands standards, yearns for excitement and hates monotony.’

Steve Sims