Art Advisers
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An art advisory unit operating as a fiduciary within a bank, Citibank’s was the first of its kind when it started organising art loans in 1979. ‘It’s a well-oiled machine,’ says Suzanne Gyorgy, the bank’s global head of art advisory and finance, who has been with Citi for 16 years. The rise in value in art collections has meant that art finance has become a fast growing business: average loans now amount to between £35 and 40 million, compared to £20 million a few years ago, with new lenders springing up all the time. Further, because the department is situated in a global bank, its rates are lower than those of boutique lenders. ‘The best way to approach collecting art is the way you think about buying your primary residence,’ says Gyorgy.

Suzanne Gyorgy