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A former correspondent for top-of-the-line tabloids the Mail on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, and more, Tim Luckett is a man intimately familiar with what makes for both good headlines — and bad. His work for Hill+Knowlton Strategies is to help clients manage issues and crises when they arise, which is why his understanding of the media response is such a powerful tool for clients. He says his work is increasingly about protecting the reputation of companies. He ascribes this to the changing nature of the public engagement as ‘increasingly, businesses are up against the power of the people’. Instead of complaining privately by a phone call or email, they head straight onto social media or to a no-win no-fee law firm. This means complaints can snowball, so Luckett works ‘a lot on ensuring a disaster doesn’t escalate through social media or litigation’. Over the last year, two issues have dominated Luckett’s workload. The first is in cyber security, where he is ‘very busy running simulations and practising responses’ to crisis-level events such as data breaches. Luckett is also working on ensuring clients have plans and comms in place in case a terror attack occurs. ‘Since Manchester and London we’ve worked with quite a few retail clients to update their strategies and responses around physical security,’ he says.

Tim Luckett