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‘We’ve identified an informational gap,’ says Yariv Haim, referring to traditional investment assumptions. These rely heavily on active management — stock picking and market timing. The Israel born economics and MBA graduate and founder of Sparrows Capital offers UHNWs a ‘disciplined’ alternative: objective investing focused on reaping the market return as efficiently as possible. Evidence-based investing relies on principles supported by robust academic studies underpinned by decades of market data. The concept served Sparrows Capital’s clients well after the global financial crisis. ‘It was a remarkable and quick recovery — the key is to stick with the strategy.’ Haim advocates an approach that separates the harvesting of core market returns from value adding high conviction satellite strategies. This view aligns with Warren Buffett’s confidence in index funds, and with a recent FCA study questioning the value offered by mainstream asset managers. Haim, who now deals with a wide range of small and large institutions and private clients, started out advising an UHNW family based in Jerusalem, from a business development and marketing background. Learning investment theory from scratch was challenging, but it led to the founding of the private investment boutique.

Yariv Haim