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Youssef Daoud, the development manager at The Collection’s partner venture, One Point Six, started his career in architecture before moving over to the more ‘dynamic and exciting’ speciality of luxury residential interiors and development, which he felt was a better fit. ‘I like to see change and you get to see a lot of change in development, that’s really exciting!’ he says. The newly launched firm is ‘a progressive property development partnership with insight’ between two international property entrepreneurs, Bhavnish Chandaria and Yadav Jani, and The Collection founder Caroline Takla. It’s a considered venture to cater to the most discerning international buyers, an area Daoud has been specialising in for over ten years. ‘You’ve got to consider your client’s brief, understanding their lifestyle in depth both now and in the future and deliver well beyond their expectations,’ he says. It’s a great time to set up shop, he says, as luxury residential is a niche area which requires a highly specialised skillset in the property world. ‘We are very fortunate to be based in such a vibrant and multicultural city,’ he says. ‘It’s a great stage to carry out our development and investment activities. London has a lot going for it!’ The affable adviser scuba-dives to get away from the hustle and bustle of London.

Youssef Daoud