Michael Serwa

Michael Serwa is London’s highest paid life coach, with UNHWs paying up to £35,000 a year to have him at their beck and call. Two-hour sessions are the norm, and Serwa encourages messages at any time during the coaching period…. Read More

Dr. Raj Persaud

Dr Raj Persaud has been told that he has seen more billionaires than any other therapist in the world. ‘The availability of highquality independent healthcare in the Harley Street and surrounding areas in London is an essential aspect of why… Read More

Mark Boyden

Mark Boyden Associates

Mark Boyden is highly discreet when it comes to helping UHNWs, senior corporate executives and the members of the world’s royal families which make up his core client base. ‘You have to be innately intuitive and clinically sound,’ he says…. Read More

Calum Morrison

Extraordinary Adventure Club

Calum Morrison specialises in helping lost and overwhelmed HNWs and CEO s. Morrison believes that beneath the apathy or waywardness of the super successful is usually a lack of self-awareness and disconnection with identity. ‘In particular, heirs of enterprise families… Read More