Richard Abbey


Richard Abbey started his career as an accountant at EY in 1988, working on the firm’s renowned forensic fraud and investigations unit, helping clients identify and address wrongdoings. Even before technology brought complexity to the space, he had a grasp… Read More

Ross Gow


‘That would be an interesting gig, working with Trump,’ muses former barrister Ross Gow. ‘I would. We take arms dealers. But I draw the line at certain characters — Jimmy Savile types, people who are proven predators. I believe… until… Read More

Matthew Freud


There’s no let-up for Freud’s founder and chairman Matthew Freud, whose clients include UBS, Uber and Google. In 2016 he acquired US tech PR specialist Brew, and his Soho-based firm’s performance that year led him to reportedly tell staff that… Read More

Matt Carter

Message House

‘We don’t want to makethe headlines,’ says Matt Carter. ‘Our job is to give guidance to communicators so they can run more effective campaigns.’ That comes from bringing in data to inform a company’s message: to find if their ‘gut… Read More