‘The thing about the art world is its global spread — you can find a painting in the US, and you can sell it in the Middle East. It’s all a question of knowing who to ask,’ says Macintyre. ‘You not only have to have a strong network of clients, both sellers and buyers, but specialist experts on hand (from restorers and shippers to insurers and framers) to provide the best service for clients who want to buy or sell privately and not in the public gaze of auction.’

The daughter of an art dealer and restorer, she worked at Old Master specialists Hall & Knight before further honing her savvy at Christie’s as a senior member of the VIP advisory team. She left in 2007 to start her own firm — which counts Gulf royals, private banks and UHNWs among clients. She sources their works and advises them on collection management — including curatorial advice.

A well-timed bid for the private market in the Middle East saw her take an exhibition of 40 paintings and sculptures to Doha, including Orientalist works by Rudolph Ernst and John Singer Sargent (not to mention a Picasso and a Tissot) with a total value of $50 million. She remains an adviser to principal families across the Gulf region, both for their private collections and for large-scale public projects — including national museums.

As she told Spear’s previously, Macintyre sums up her business as ‘a multi-family office — just for art’.

Clients are keen, describing her as ‘one of the most experienced and professional individuals in her field’. ‘Helen is our go-to advisor for sourcing off-market works at sharp prices.

She has extraordinary knowledge of the art world,’ says another.


Source: Best Art Advisers

Helen Macintyre