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You could not write the script of your next case – that’s what keeps you interested and on your toes as a divorce lawyer,’ says Stewarts’ rising solicitor-supremo Sam Longworth. No stranger to reported cases worth hundreds of millions of pounds, the likeable lawyer has had another ‘excellent’ 12 months. His high-flying clients span the City, media and sport, both onshore and off. All seek what he calls his ‘commercial, solutions- based advice, privacy, and a robust approach’. Recent work has seen him intervene on a key international children’s matter which was heard in the Supreme Court (Re C), and appearing at the Court of Appeal in a ‘forum-shopping’ [battle over jurisdiction] case. A skilled litigator, he says many families are now seeking to avoid court at all costs, pointing to privacy as an equal impetus to legal fees. He highlights arbitration as a ‘major opportunity, which could reinvigorate the sector and allow the further development of expertise in the field’. Speaking of current challenges, he identifies pricing and funding models as a ‘major’ industry issue. ‘We are, presently, limited in the type of funding models that can be employed, and the judiciary have a keen eye on the escalating costs within high-value family disputes,’ he says. Britain’s divorce from the EU remains just as topical: ‘Brexit is on everyone’s minds, but whether this will eventually lead to a positive change, negative change or no change at all for family law in this country remains to be seen.’

Sam Longworth
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