If Spear’s had been around in the 1980s and we had been asked who typified the sort of buccaneering, globe-trotting, British financial genius who we aimed to provide with the best recommendations on HNW private client services, Lord Hanson — along with Sir JamesGoldsmith — would have been in our top three. He was the consummate corporate entrepreneur who expanded the Hanson family’s Yorkshire based wool and textile business into a multi-billion global industrial business (with Lord White) with extensive real estate interests.

Today, the Hanson family, under chairman Robert Hanson (son of the late Lord Hanson), continues to run Hanson Asset Management (HAM) as one of London’s true multi-family offices with opportunities for like-minded wealthy family to invest alongside the Hanson family’s own business and investment interests.

Robert co-founded HAM with his cousin Ed Collins and Patrick Teroerde. In 2009 Collins led a full restructuring of the Hanson Family Office into HAM where he runs the investment management side of the business. HAM is both a private equity boutique that offers asset management and real estate portfolio management as well as an innovative and well-connected private equity business that allows wealthy individuals to participate in deals normally only reserved for bigger private equity firms and institutional money.

Reflecting the ‘bricks and mortar’ DNA of the Hanson industries, there is a ‘capital preservation bias’ towards ‘real estate investments’, although Collins is highly regarded for sourcing a wide range of other sector deals that are bringing high client returns.

Clients of Hanson Asset Management have the option to invest at whatever levels of risk they feel most comfortable. Collins, a keen horseman known for his fearlessness in the saddle, speaks of a ‘cautious approach’ with the aim of making ‘real returns’ with a mixed asset class strategy with totally flexible duration. ‘That is the advantage you have being a family office, you don’t have a fixed fund life.

‘What makes us stand out is that our origins lie in the Hanson Family Office which has private equity investing at its heart,’ says Collins. ‘Being an MFO we can get involved in some deals that may be too complicated for others, for example we like distressed investing and have recently been looking at Spain and Italy which have thrown up some attractive opportunities. Our team’s relationships with banks have enabled us to complete debt refinances in house without the need for external advisors which means we can move fast.’

Collins is proud that his mother’s family name is ‘over the door’ and the firm certainly occupies a very appealing space in the increasingly crowded MFO universe, While so many MFOs pretend to be family-led, they just use the MFO moniker as a marketing device. Hanson is the real multi-family office deal with family members running family money where they are as exposed as the
clients. Hanson is worth including in any UHNW beauty parade.


Source: Best Private Equity

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