The managing partner of Acuity specialises in working with oligarchs and high-ranking foreign HNWs — protecting digital identity, fighting internet defamation cases and making sure a Google search with his clients’ names will yield positive results. Sometimes it’s the coverage he doesn’t get that counts: ‘More than one client would fire us if their family appeared in the Sunday Times Rich List.’

He also helps non-UK nationals, typically from Africa and Russia, to become part of London society. ‘This can involve smoothing the path for their children into top-flight schools, finding apartments in the right postcode, putting them in touch with appropriate wealth managers, private bankers and legal specialists,’ or involving them in philanthropy, he says. His clients seem happy, with one saying Acuity ‘is very wellconnected at the highest levels in Westminster and at the Inns of Court’ and adding that Gow ‘executes the difficult things well, while remaining a discreet and trusted adviser’.

Gow admits that work has become more challenging since the Ukraine crisis: ‘Clearly there’s anxiety at the top level in Russia about the sanctions and that is affecting travel and business.’ A Russian client preferred to cancel meetings Gow had arranged with senior people in Westminster and Whitehall for fear of their government’s reaction.

The boutique firm has an office in Moscow and is considering opening a branch in West Africa; it already has operations in Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Nigeria, Namibia and Angola. ‘I see part of West Africa as the new Dubai,’ says Gow. ‘There is going to be a lot of wealth creation and a lot of that is going to come to the professional advisers in London.’

Source: Best Reputation Managers

Ross Gow