1858 LTD

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Raikhel-Bolot says HNWs need a healthy suspicion in choosing an art adviser: what is their motivation? Gallerists have stock to shift, auction houses want consignments, which is why she trumpets 1858’s ‘true independence and impartiality’: they work not for themselves but for you. Offering a ‘full immersion’ of client education — from hand-holding at auctions to wine-sipping at artists’ studios 1858 want their clients to gain knowledge and confidence: ‘It’s not for us to say, “You must collect this artist, he’s the next big thing.” It’s about equipping our clients with the market intelligence and the background they need to make informed decisions.’ 1858 has been about more than art lately: Raikhel-Bolot worked with a client to consign 5,800 Swatches to Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. They made $6 million, which isn’t bad for second-hand second hands. If she could own any work of art, it would be one of Lucio Fontana’s ‘striking’ slashed through white canvases.

Viola Ralkhel-Bolot