Company Size

‘Once you’ve flown NetJets, returning to a commercial flight is like going back to holding hands,’ said Warren Buffett of his Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. He should know, having racked up 5,000 hours in the air with them. NetJets introduced the market to the concept of fractional ownership in 1986. According to Eugene-Beveridge, ‘Aircraft are not like art or property — they don’t appreciate, it’s an enormous waste of money,’ and fractional ownership affords member clients the flexibility to share or lease a jet. It is attention to detail that sets NetJet apart from others, she says, which doesn’t necessarily equate to being ‘over the top’. In fact, the business attracts customers who are ‘smart but below the radar’. Since 2010, the company has spent $17.6 billion on a new fleet of jets, meaning that 25 per cent of the fleet is now bespoke. Client feedback welcomes quieter cabins, WiFi and beds.

Marine Eugene-Beveridge