Company Size

Cambridge Capital Group, the group that provides business angels with access to start-up and investment deals in early-stage companies, has had a successful year, with two of the companies invested in by the ever-growing investment syndicate — which specialises in the tech sector — sold to ‘trade’, and another two in the process of selling.

McDougall says that the key to a good business angel — and probably the hardest – is still picking the good from the bad punt on the River Cam (which gives Cambridge its name), where most of his investments are focused.

‘There are so many start-ups looking for funding and very few make it to the commercial stage’, he says. ‘Few of those deliver a possible exit which gives private investors a good return.’ He obviously managed it in 2016!

When he’s not working, McDougall likes to relax on his narrowboat or go on safari to see the conservation projects which are supported by the charitable arm of Cambridge Capital, the Cambridge Capital Group Trust.

Struan McDougall