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Bonas was tutoring a distinguished family to get through law school when he first realised the transformative power of one-to-one education has on a child’s development.

The Oxford-educated tutor then turned the part-time job into a full-time career after training as a teacher in public schools and experiencing the American school system. He introduced the college counsellor system in the UK when it was already well-known in US education.

The personable tutor says Bonas MacFarlane’s unique approach, which he likens to that of private bankers and GPs, is what makes the firm stand out. ‘Schools are wonderful, but the function of a school is to encourage children to fit into a community and blend in seamlessly, particularly for children who are very wealthy… But we come at it from a different angle, where we are looking at the child as an individual within a family environment.’

With over a hundred tutors and consultants helping children across the world, Bonas believes the private tutor landscape is undergoing a ‘global revolution’, and says the Brexit vote will have a positive effect too. ‘Britain will be seen more as a safe haven, more as a secure enterprising Anglo-Saxon style economy, and increasing numbers of Europeans will be encouraged to educate their children here, because there may well be more interesting job prospects in Britain, America and other English speaking countries than in the Eurozone. We’re seeing a big upsurge in continental Europeans coming to school here.’