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At Enjoy Education, 70 per cent of tutors have an Oxbridge degree, including Shand, the founder of the company.

As an education adviser, Shand accompanied David Cameron on a trade delegation trip to China. In China, she says, there is ‘a huge cachet with having a British education’.

With the pressures of such a competitive system, Shand says her tutors must go beyond formal teaching and provide ‘the constant’ in the child’s life and ensure that ‘things don’t unravel as families become more international.’

As such, Enjoy Education works hard to match the right tutor to the right family. This year, The Good School’s Guide recommended their services as ‘Carefully tailored, micro-managed individual tuition, with scrupulous monitoring, feedback and attention to detail.’

Seventy per cent of tutors hold an Oxbridge degree, including Shand herself. A decade after its establishment, Shand has noticed the education requests evolving alongside her company’s growth. The firm offers academic assessments, schools and university advice, home-schooling and Oxbridge support.

The most challenging aspect of her role is meeting the expectations of families, which requires ‘a great deal of creative input and problem-solving. However, getting it right feels ‘immensely rewarding’, she says. ‘We directly impact on families’ lives and can tangibly see the positive impact when a child grows in confidence, thrives in the right school and masters a tricky subject — it makes the late nights and weekends worth it.