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‘We are not taking someone from the supermarket wall,’ says Maher, founder of British Home Tutors. The tutors he employs are all teachers at ‘good schools’, which puts to rest any worries parents might have about the quality of tuition provided in an industry that is otherwise unregulated. Maher has twenty years of experience in education, a path which began with a transition from actually being an economist to teaching economics; it was here that he learnt the importance of subject specialists. Though schools can be defensive about supplementary education, he says, this can often be the result of insecurity on the school’s part. In many cases, the better the school the more tutoring takes place, he adds, as students are engaged and want to learn more. Maher believes the schools system in London has yet to expand to meet student needs, creating a ‘parental arms race’ with ‘bottlenecks’ around the goal of winning places in top London schools.

Tom Maher