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It’s clear that Baldwin doesn’t like to put her feet up. Even when she took some time off to look after her children ten years ago, the founder of the niche law firm sat as an immigration judge. This straight-talking lawyer learnt the ropes at Kingsley Napley and Withers, where she worked with Diana Parker and Charles Doughty on what she describes as ‘extraordinary cases’, involving Greek shipping billionaires and European royalty, even acting for the wife of a Nigerian tribal chief. ‘He was as rich as Croesus until I came along,’ she says.

She has increasingly advised on post-nups, with two types of clients in particular requesting them — those who got married for immigration purposes and didn’t have time to negotiate a pre-nup, and hedge fund managers who want to reassure their investors. She says a lot of her (male) clients are ‘grumbling’ about lifelong maintenance: ‘It’s something that should change because it’s completely bonkers that you should be married for life and then divorced for life.’

‘But it’s a difficult question because there is no doubt that you cannot work full-time if you are going to bring up your children yourself — unless you have an amazingly flexible job.’ The keen skier emphasises the benefits of a small practice. ‘I really find that works. A lot of people who are getting divorced want to go to a niche practice where they feel looked after and important. That’s my USP — clients really appreciate that.’

Camilla Baldwin