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Wilson is a people-loving pragmatist who believes in listening to her clients and making sure they understand that she is ‘a hundred per cent’ behind them whilst at the same time maintaining a good working relationship with her opposite number on a case. ‘You always have to have a working relationship with the other party and their legal team as well. I’m not one of those people who advocates having a ding-dong battle for the sake of it.’ She adds that assuring her clients ‘that you are completely behind them’ and having understanding with other lawyers gives one better prospects of reaching an amicable decision.

The partner at Child and Child qualified in Scotland and worked as a family lawyer there. When she moved to England, she chose to pursue this area of law as being the one she most enjoyed. The fast-talking solicitor loves ‘being able to solve a puzzle’, and deals with family finance issues as well as focusing on the ‘fast-moving’ area of surrogacy. One of Wilson’s most memorable case is the recent JB v MB where she acted on behalf of a husband who in eight years of separation from his wife, had turned his initially ‘ordinary’ company into a market leader, ‘revolutionising IT in the insurance world’. She argued against a 50/50 split between the couple: ‘We were basically saying, “That’s not right, that’s not fair”, because you were apart from him for seven years during that period. It took him an awful lot of hard work and revolutionary thinking to transform and change the business.’ The case ended up with the judge deciding that the right share for the ex-wife was 20 per cent.

Her passion in the field is appreciated by clients, with one particularly impressed by her professionalism: ‘Fiona was technically excellent, a good listener and easy to communicate with. I was kept informed and always felt that we were in control of the process.’ Another client commended her personable nature, saying: ‘In my opinion you have set the benchmark for an outstanding family solicitor because apart from your professional and practical approach in dealing with legal matters, it was your compassion and kindness that helped and guided us through one of the most emotionally stressful times.’

Fiona Wilson