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‘We’re the voice of reason in a world of chaos,’ says Hall. ‘If your lawyer is doing their job you’re meant to get the commercial reality and not always the good news. You’re meant to get the bad news as well, to know there is a deal to be done here.’ He’s recently finalised a £200 million settlement and two pre-nups worth a combined £75 million, as well as emotional leave-to-remove cases involving children being taken abroad.

Perhaps the greatest testament to Hall’s abilities is his role as the lawyer of choice for many football players and professionals, including former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. He’s dealt with several Schedule 1 cases involving negotiating provision for children that are the result of long-term relationships (although not marriages) and ‘very brief relationships — during the course of a few hours, as opposed to months and years’.

Such is his success rate in both resolution and press avoidance that he now briefs players in an educational role at the behest of clubs, advising teenage millionaires on the potential consequences of unplanned pregnancies. He’s also had to stand up to avaricious agents looking to speak for their clients, commenting on relationships during the divorce proceedings.

Having been praised for his client-first approach, it’s unsurprising that, even at such an early stage of his career, many of his clients are coming via personal recommendation. This gregarious northerner started in corporate law, but moved to family in 2005, saying a hug at court ‘made it feel bigger than any acquisition or merger you could do. That was the best day of my training contract.’

Sam Hall
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