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The personable Foster is happy to share with Spear’s his predictions for his beloved Wales rugby team before taking a fairly seamless segue into law. ‘Family law and litigation are a little bit like rugby in that you need to adapt to your opponents and conditions,’ he says. ‘I enjoy litigation when it’s necessary, but I think that if I have a strength it’s the ability to see early on what’s possible and how to achieve it.’

That mode of thinking is something the former judo champion is proud of. His last major reported case was Goldstone in 2010 and that’s because he aims, he says, to keep his clients away from the duress of public litigation. ‘Confidentiality and discretion are an absolute. I have a case on at the moment for a very colourful entrepreneur, allegedly a billionaire — the last thing he wants is his case in the papers.’

Low profiles are key when dealing with cases worth more than £500 million. ‘One of the reasons I’m attractive is because clients don’t want their dirty linen washed in public. Complete discretions is our hallmark.’ He also emphasises teamwork, dismissing the ‘overbaked and overrated personalities’ of ‘gladiatorial individuals’.

One client highlighted Foster’s ability to ‘radiate confidence’, while a leading QC credited the department head with assembling ‘far and away the best divorce team in London’. Maybe Foster’s own emphasis on ‘innovative and elegant solutions’ might find an audience in the Welsh rugby team’s training camp.

Stephen Foster
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