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Probably the lawyer featured in these pages who covers the most diverse areas of family law, Kingston helps clients both with pre-nups and divorces, and also advises cohabitants and unmarried parents. She is a qualified arbitrator, mediator and collaborative lawyer whose practice involves litigation and dispute resolution. Her recent cases include a trial involving the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility, as well as a project for a large family — she wrote both pre- and post-nups, and worked with Withers’ wealth planning team on restructuring the family’s assets.

Kingston believes that London is still the divorce capital of the world but sees potential changes on the horizon — particularly the idea that the courts may move away from decisions involving awards for lifelong maintenance ‘to encourage the weaker economic party to become self-supporting’.

Pictured below: Suzanne Kingston won the Lawyer of the Year (Family) Award at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards 2015

Suzanne Kingston, Withers, Lawyer of the Year Family

Suzanne Kingston
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