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Yerburgh, the head of family law at Collyer Bristow, enjoys the sheer variety of the work he does across mediation, litigation and jurisdictions. Perhaps because of this, he takes a holistic view, advocating problem-avoidance as much as problem-solving. That approach ranges from getting a ‘neutral evaluation’ to resolve a particular point in a marriage breakdown — ‘particularly useful for children cases and areas where there is no absolute right answer’ — to prevention via pre-nups.

Clients are often introduced to him by ward-watching trustees keen for their ward to pursue a pre-nup. ‘I had one [case] dealing with a family where the daughter is worth £500 million. She’s marrying someone wealthy but they needed to protect her position. It’s a very different diplomatic field from slugging it out on a divorce. People sign up and end up getting married, which is nice.’

Toby Yerburgh