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Vasisht’s voice reverberates with confidence when she says: ‘I am the right person to go to — when things are looking very bad’. She has spent eighteen years at Wilsons and is an immigration and asylum lawyer with vast experience in human rights law, having worked in Amnesty International’s secretariat legal office. The solicitor, listed on the Super Lawyers website, feels that immigration lawyers should look beyond the specific details that affect clients and also have a grasp of international politics and international relations. ‘You need to be able to be big enough to handle your clients’ fears and stresses. A lot of my clients who have been successful in their countries but who have had to flee to the UK have very particular pressures on them — and they stand to lose so much,’ she says. Vasisht reminisced with Spear’s about a recent case involving a highprofile artist and her husband — a businessman — who escaped political and mafia persecution in their country. They approached Vasisht, claiming that the man’s case had met with disbelief from the Home Office. ‘I listened to him carefully and researched the issues, working with a relevant expert,’ explains Vasisht. ‘The judge allowed the appeal and believed every word the businessman said. It’s nice to be able to return to your clients their dignity.’ This seasoned solicitor has been working with Afghan interpreters who served the British army in recent activity in the region, men whose lives are now at risk and who are not allowed into the UK. ‘It’s memorable,’ she declares. ‘I’ve had the privilege of working with former army commanders and the great grandson of Winston Churchill.’

Anita Vasisht