Company Size

‘The market is alive and well,’ says partner Fetherston-Dilke, on the back of a year stuffed with ‘big, chunky deals’ at £10 million-£20 million a pop. The affable and approachable lawyer advises large estates on the ‘full variety’ of legal affairs, including agricultural, residential and commercial tenancies, rights of way, Agri-environmental schemes and riparian, environmental and planning issues. He works closely with buying agents in acquiring countryside and London holdings alike, particularly where deals are sewn up to brisk timetables, often involving offshore ownership models and complicated financial structures. Clients praise his empathy and attention to detail. ‘His willingness to help and achieve a workable solution at a cost-effective rate has been outstanding,’ says one. The Norfolk-born, Cambridge educated lawyer is also a keen mountaineer — at least ‘as much as my family permits’.

Edmund Fetherston-Dilke