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This year has been a busy one for Fiona Halton and Philanthropy in Action. She’s launched Social Venture Partners, where a group of HNWs meet to talk about how to give effectively and to investigate the causes they’ll support and ‘learn about giving together’, then she has worked with the C&A Foundation on a volunteering initiative, which got 50 per cent of the company’s employees involved.

And if that’s not enough, she’s has been working to replicate the successful Pilotlight model – ‘where dream teams of business leaders coach visionary charities with great results for both sides’ – in Singapore. And to add to that, she also has her own charities and communities’ consultancy, Halton Bridge.

Philanthropy In Action helps HNWs find ways of giving away not only their money but also their time. And with the younger generation, they want more information than ever before on what they are giving or could give to. ‘It’s the right ask’, she says. ‘They need, as we all do, for their giving to work for them and be effective.’

And despite working for a while in the industry, she still loves the way philanthropy changes people’s lives – for the giver ‘as much as the causes that are given to’.

Below: Fiona Halton of Philanthropy in Action won the Spear’s City Champion Award at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards 2015

Fiona Halton, Spear's City Champion

Fiona Halton