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In tough times, Becky Fatemi’s rule is to push even harder: ‘In what someone would consider a weaker market, we’ve actually excelled and done better than we’ve ever done before, which is proof that hard work and tenacity in sales in this can be done. It just needs a little bit of effort on the agents’ side.’

As a reward, Rokstone sold five properties worth more than £40 million a couple of year ago. In 2014 it sold a £46 million Candy & Candy flat in Belgravia to Glencore’s head of metals trading, Telis Mistakidis, which Fatemi calls a ‘record price’ — exchanged and completed in just 48 hours.

Despite the year having seen a buyers’ market, Fatemi says the right product is still something worth fighting for: ‘But obviously that product has got to be superb, like a Picasso coming to the market.’

Becky Fatemi