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Capitalising on the recovery of ‘über-end’ lifestyle purchases in the amenities estates sector, Holborow and his team achieved some chunky off-market sales in the last year, strengthening their position at the front of the HNW country market.

Overall they completed deals in excess of £300 million, including ‘virtually every deal over £15 million’, according to peers. Indeed, Holborow says 2015 was a better year than 2014 — an uncommon statement among this year’s crop of top hands —and a fitting way for Holborow to chalk up 30 years in the field.

He points to the Soho House empire’s latest venture, Soho Farmhouse, as a taste of the trend towards the ‘low-key’among his clients.

‘It still has all the bells and whistles, in an amazing location — but it’s actually quite a modest house. I think that’s something that may well develop further.’

Crispin Holborow