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‘Prime central London is timeless— people will always want to live here,’ maintains
Geoff Wilford.

‘It’s definitely a tough market — there’s so many estate agents in central London competing for what appears to be an ever-smaller number of transactions each year,’ explains Wilford.

‘But this is a market where the good agents show themselves against the bad ones,’ he adds.

Wilford and his team of west-central London specialists have enjoyed a record year in both sales and rentals — despite a ‘tough’ market — with Wilford personally totalling £30 million over twenty sales.

Between 2006 and 2009, he personally sold over £200 million-worth of property, much of it in the Caribbean — the highlight being the deal with a FTSE 100 CEO, who after five minutes asked if he could put the $8.5 million deposit on his black Amex.

Geoff Wilford