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‘Now is the time to invest in prime central London. After a short period of uncertainty, buyers are returning to the property market. A combination of factors is contributing to this positive sentiment from low interest rates to increased political stability. London is still considered to be a safe haven around the globe.

That is the view of Bailey, Chief Executive of Henry & James. The Belgravia based estate agency is one of the leading authorities on the housing market with 66 years’ experience in central London.

‘In the second week of September alone, we received seven offers on properties, most of them at or close to the asking price,’ explains Bailey. ‘Many of the offers coming in have been from European clients, the very market which the gloomier post-Brexit analysts have identified as problematic.’

The dip in the value of the pound may have caused an increase in offers from inward investors: ‘Prime central London is what it has always been: an appealing place to work and live,’ Bailey says.

With over 30 years’ experience, Bailey is known and respected by contemporaries. He has worked in California, Singapore and joined Henry & James in 2009.

It is still, on balance, a buyer’s market, with supply exceeding demand at the top of the market. Realistic pricing remains the key. To adapt that old sporting cliché that form is temporary, but class is permanent, market fluctuations are temporary, but quality in Belgravia is permanent.