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‘We’ll very rarely give up before a client does,’ says Brecher of the firm he founded with sister Valerie (also featured here) and close friend Jeremy Abram. ‘Our view is to get into bed with a client once a problem arises and work out how to solve it, if it’s solvable. Often it isn’t, but at least they know that if we can’t solve it then it probably isn’t solvable.’ Andrew is a savvy negotiator and renowned troubleshooter with more than 26 years’ experience in property. No stranger to innovative financial structures, he has particular expertise in joint ventures and arrangements for cooperation and project management. His clients hail from the top of the residential developer community — the Candy brothers, Richard Livingstone, Amazon Properties, Dukelease, Ridgeford and the Manhattan Loft Corporation. Among highlights are the firm’s rapidly expanding planning and construction departments and its exclusive network offering — Brecher Connect — forging ties between movers and shakers from Dublin to New York, and Kuwait to Moscow. ‘We act for so many people who have money,’ he says, ‘either institutional money, family office money or HNWs — all of whom are dying to find opportunities to invest or lend that money wisely. And there are very few of these around, particularly where they know they’re dealing with trusted counterparties who know what they’re doing.’ Clients are full of praise: ‘I will always be very grateful to Brecher for the dedicated and wonderful way that they represented us when we acquired the premises for 5 Hertford Street,’ says Robin Birley, the club’s founder.

Andrew Brecher