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‘If you don’t manage your reputation then somebody else — or a search engine like Google — will do it for you,’ says Toogood. Her authority rests on the rigour of a PhD in social infomatics. Her work has seen her help celebrities who have been caught up in image hacking scandals. ‘We track where these images are reproduced,’ she explains. ‘And we may use our technology to displace them from Google or we may work with a law firm who works on having them removed via legal remedy.’ And what of ten years’ time? ‘Ten years ago this area didn’t really exist,’ she says. ‘It’s difficult to predict where digital is going.’

Pictured below: Dr Laura Toogood won Future Leader in Wealth Management at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards 2015

Laura Toogood, Digitalis, Future Leader in Wealth Management

Laura Toogood
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