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De Guzman has certainly led an international career — and that was before she walked through Pictet’s doors.

She grew up  between the UK and Switzerland, before beginning  her studies in computer engineering in San Diego before returning to Switzerland to work for Procter and Gamble. She then became an IT consultant in Egypt both independently and for Hermès, and she taught Saudi billionaires how to invest in online businesses. Now, the mother of three works in London and manages the money of tech entrepreneurs and those founding start-ups.

She’s happy minding their money while they are trying to disrupt different industries.

‘We’re a complementary partner to them because we tend to do what they might consider the boring stuff,’ she says. ‘Most of the entrepreneurs I work with want to change things and disrupt industries, but just because they have liquid wealth
it doesn’t mean they want to spend their whole time managing it themselves.’

Agnes de Guzman
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