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Kotha is one of RBC Wealth Management’s best assets in London. Few bankers enjoy the same trust and respect among the UK’s growing number of South Asian UHNW residents, giving the Canadian bank a clear advantage.

Indeed, Kotha’s books have seen 40 per cent growth in the past year — a remarkable achievement in current climes.

‘You have to be patient — you can’t be aggressive with such clients,’ he says. These clients are busy, selective, long-term thinkers who don’t want to deal with banks whose reputation isn’t sound. Technology is ubiquitously touted as the latest gamechanger for wealth management, but Kotha takes a more nuanced view.

‘It has already brought a lot of changes to the way advice is sought and given to clients,’ he says. ‘But my personal view is that it is still more focused towards the HNW segment. I still feel that in the UHNW space, the personalised approach that is required will remain and even go further.’

Amit Kotha
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