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The Swiss bank has continued its expansion in London, says Burrell, to further its offering both to families and entrepreneurs who often represent ‘a good splattering of non-resident non-dom and resident non-dom’, with whom he sympathises for having fallen foul of political sentiment. He says those targeting them in policy and in the press do so more ‘out of spite, as it were, as opposed to common sense’. All the more reason for a pragmatic approach: ‘We’ll have to adapt: you get given the tools and you have to build portfolios around that.’ That shouldn’t be too difficult, given Mirabaud’s open architecture and international exposure. However, that doesn’t mean productpushing: ‘We have our in-house funds here but they have to get in there on their own merit.’ The equestrian is now in his 23rd year at the firm and says clients appreciate the loyalty and attentiveness he offers while those who bank at bigger institutions complain of high staff turnover. For him it’s all about really understanding ‘what individuals like and need,’ to such a level that he looks to anticipate client’s spending habits. And if they need advice fast they know they’ll be well served, not only by Mirabaud’s international set up but by Burrell himself: ‘It’s very easy. Clients have my telephone number and they can ring me up whenever they like; emails are answered when they’re received. Which I prefer — I don’t like going away on holiday and coming back to a whole host of unanswered questions.

Anthony Burrell