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Stowell originally wanted to work in marketing, but she signed up at Lloyds, following the early-Nineties recession. ‘They said: “We think you’d be really good in private banking,”’ she recalls. ‘I said, “I have no idea what that is but I’ll happily give it a go.”’ That open-mindedness took her to Drummonds and then to Schroders, where she refined her investment skills before starting at Coutts in 2007. There’s certainly still something of the marketeer about her. She points to Coutts’ 300-year history; Spear’s suggests that this is a selective history, given recent upsets such as AIG, but she brings us back to the bank’s current performance, making the case that AIG was more complex than just misselling and that she now considers questions on the subject to be ‘irrelevant’.

Camilla Stowell