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‘It was a bit of a baptism by fire — the financial crisis quickly unrolled,’ says Bowdery, describing how her career began in 2007 with Stockbroker Killik & Co. now at Rothschild, the approachable and engaging client adviser says she learnt ‘an awful lot’ at the Mayfair firm. ‘One, in terms of markets, but also in terms of looking after clients — the worst thing you can do in a financial crisis is bury your head in the sand. It’s important to pick up the phone. Even if you’re delivering bad news, at least they know what’s going on.’ Seeking ‘bottom-up’ knowledge of investment, the inquisitve Bowdery joined Rothschild as an assistant portfolio manager in 2010, becoming a client adviser a year later. A keen theatre-goer and regular on London’s pop-up food scene, she happens to have a degree in philosophy and theology from Oxford: ‘Obviously a fantastic help for a career in finance,’ she laughs.

Cordelia Bowdery
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