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There can be few better examples of the suitability of former soldiers for City roles than Roseman. Working with the array of cosmopolitan clients that populate the ultra space his international experience is invaluable. The spanish and Dari speaker has spent time in south American jungles and Afghan mountains as well as being in Baghdad and Kabul to monitor elections: ‘I’ve seen how these things happen — it’s an insight into how markets and governments think.’ Citi have utilised that. With Tina Fordham, Citi’s chief global political analyst, he co-chairs their Geo-Political strategy Group, holding quarterly ‘salons’ for both institutional and private clients: ‘We host diplomats, politicians and intelligence service officers coupled with senior industry analysts — saying, “Actually this Iranian nuclear deal is going to have an effect on this area of the market, in this way, because…” ‘It’s fairly full and frank

discussion, it gives clients an insight into things they wouldn’t otherwise get to see.’ The former Queen’s Royal Hussar still makes sure all other areas of service are up to scratch though emphasising that he’s much more than ‘just a link between the telephone and a computer — I have to be well versed in everything from private equity and illiquid offerings to putting clients in touch with our FX traders, to buying them a house, to everything — it’s challenging but it’s fun.’ Having mastered the more dangerous pursuits of soldiering, polo and the Cresta Run, his free time is taken up on the real tennis court.


Francis Roseman