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Watson has enjoyed the challenges of her first full year as CEO of Rothschild Private Bank.

‘We’re still very focused on doing what we do well and not trying to be all things to all people,’ says the Spear’s Private Banker of the Year.

‘The word “holistic” is a difficult word. We certainly see ourselves as being a sounding board for our clients about lots of different things, but we don’t give them tax advice, we don’t give them structuring advice. We are very much of the view that you will partner with other people to make sure the clients have the best team around them.’ (Mossack Fonseca presumably being the exception.)

Watson is aware that Rothschild’s longevity is down to preservation over speculation.

Below: Helen Watson of Rothschild won the Private Banker of the Year Award and accepted the Private Bank of the Year Award on behalf of Rothschild at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards 2015

Helen Watson, Private Banker of the Year, Spear's Wealth Management Awards

Helen Watson
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