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Tozer focuses on 30 large wealthy families, family offices and landed estates, often spanning multiple generations and with interests in several jurisdictions. She has a different set of skills from most wealth managers – with a background in management consulting she says advising companies is like advising UHNW families because they are both made of people who share a ‘common goal’. Her role thus uses both her financial acumen as well as her communication and mediation skills.

She is currently working with a family where patriarch and children are in disagreement as to how assets should be distributed among the next generation (‘I have to remain independent but there are ways of shaping the conversation’) and has recently helped a landed estate write a family memorandum. Tozer says families with liquid assets can be trickier than those who still own an operating business: ‘The more easily divisible the assets, the more complex it can become.’

Tellingly her years of expertise in the HNW world mean she won’t force resolution for the sake of it: ‘Sometimes there doesn’t need to be a common agreement, certainly if there has been divorce or separation within the family and that has flowed down the generations, of course there’s going to be greater complexity but, again, is what is part of the challenge.’

Having joined Vestra in 2009 she focuses on UK resident domiciled and non- domiciled clients, trusts and charities. Having a sense of wealth beyond the domestic is crucial as she specialises in global asset allocation and portfolio construction and is a member of the firm’s investment committee.

The PPE graduate began her career at stockbroker Hoare Govett in 1986 where she worked on emerging market equities before gaining an MBA in Switzerland and spending ten years with management consultants Booz Allen & Hamilton specialising in global asset management and financial services.

Impressively she then founded her own company to provide financial advice for women before becoming part of Vestra. ‘I had know [founder] David Scott for years and years and said I’d never work in a big bank, having consulted to big banks for the best part of eight or nine years, so when he set up Vestra I then moved my business across – and I guess the irony is having set up my business to provide financial advice for women by the time I moved it more than half my clients where male.’

Chances are you have rarely come across Tozer’s name before. The charming Australian prefers to keep quiet in a sector where big egos abound. ‘I really believe that discretion is important in our industry,’ she says: there are ‘large personalities’ who ‘may necessarily be larger than their business – too many over-rated self-important people’.