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A very busy and exciting year!’ Cazenove’s deputy head of wealth management enthuses. ‘Markets have kept me on my toes, we’ve been able to make some, hopefully, smart investment decisions for clients which personally, made the EU referendum and short term volatility much easier to bear.’

After a degree in human environmental sciences at King’s College London, Leppard began her career as a stockbroker at Quilter Goodison in 1987, before joining Schroders in 1990.

Having previously worked as head of private banking, she is now deputy head of wealth management across a global book worth more than £30 billion.

A nominee for Spear’s Private Banker of the Year in 2014, she’s been clear on what separates the great from the good: ‘Depth and breadth of expertise — and being able to draw from a wide knowledge base,’ she said. ‘When it comes to HNW and UHNW families, the stability of the relationship is very important…You need a discretionary manager who is forward-looking and who evolves with time – and having a strong relationship with the client, where there’s a mutual understanding, that makes all the difference in the world.’

She has also noticed that younger members of a wealthy family are increasingly business-aware: ‘It never ceases to surprise me how when money passes from one generation to another generation, that younger generation can actually be very entrepreneurial in their own right… They’re very entrepreneurial, they’re very aware of their professional responsibilities — whether that’s starting up as social entrepreneurs in their own rights, or giving very targeted philanthropy. It’s a marked shift I’ve seen in the last five years.’

Leppard proved herself establishing Schroders’ fund of hedge funds division, spending a good deal of time on the other side of the Atlantic interviewing hedge fund managers and by overseeing RDR compliance. Her efforts have helped forge exactly the culture of service that so often falls under the march of progress/globalisation. Equity still remains attractive for the enthusiastic surfer as bonds continue to be comparatively dead in the water.


Kate Leppard