Company Size

Adam Caller’s firm, Tutors International, offers a completely unrivalled and tailored service to UHNWs around the world.

They only offer long-term, full-time placements and each tutor is headhunted from scratch to each new client.

At a cost of around £100,000 to the client per year, Caller only recruits the very best; often ex-masters from Eton and other public schools who are committed to tutoring as a career.

Clients often own multiple homes, or want to travel, and don’t want to be trapped in one place because their child is at school there. Tutors International really does provide the best of both worlds.

‘Kids today are expected to know a little bit less about an awful lot more,’ maintains Caller. He believes that the academic rigorousness and the emotional richness that comes from tutoring is an effective antidote.