Adams has acquired a reputation for refurbishing existing buildings and delivering projects which are contemporary yet respectful of their history, site and surroundings. ‘We live in the Information Age,’ he says. ‘Everything has changed in a profound and permanent way since data became mobile and freely accessible… We design buildings in a way that looks to effectively re-programme them for that new world, reassembling their components into something new.’

The practice covers a broad range of scales from one-off houses in cities as diverse as London and LA, to the restoration of a ruined estate in the Italian mountains, to complex hybrid schemes integrating workspaces, housing, hotels, transport and infrastructure.

Despite twenty years in architecture and clients as illustrious as the V&A, Phillips de Pury, First Base, the Science Museum and the Great Portland Estates, Adams remains grounded, taking just as much pleasure in the all-important fundamentals as the big moves on an urban scale. ‘A well-placed door handle that is nice to hold can be just as important as the layout for a new railway station,’ he says.