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‘ I love the insight into people’s lives, how and why they have ended up needing my help and then strategising a way out of it for them. It’s constantly challenging and plays to my creative side while still applying the law that I love,’ says Deborah Jeff, who has been practising family law for 20 years. As founder and head of Seddons’ family department, Jeff has built a reputation for understanding the psychological impact of divorce, working with psychologists and counsellors to make sure clients navigate the separation process in the healthiest way possible. ‘Being a human being and identifying with clients at that level rather than just a provider of a service makes the world of difference to them,’ she explains. Jeff’s clients range from young newlyweds with modest assets to divide after a short failed marriage through to HNWs with £300 million to protect. Their concerns are to protect their money, children, and reputation. ‘Most of my time is spent in a form of asset protection, whether it’s at the start of a relationship with a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement or a divorce and dividing up the marital wealth.’ Making pre- and postnuptial agreements binding is overdue, says Jeff. ‘Increasingly clients want the autonomy of deciding what happens if their marriage ends and the certainty that the state won’t intervene provided everyone’s needs are met by the terms they’ve agreed.’

Deborah Jeff