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Dr Anuj Chaturvedi is the Medical Director of HealthClic, a discreet, private office offering concierge medicine to London clients. Their clients range from busy CEOs to TV presenters and film directors, and HealthClic offers personalised, ‘hassle-free’ healthcare. Dr Chaturvedi brings the latest, safest advancements in preventative healthcare, along with evidence-based medicine. ‘As a concierge practice, our focus is on the confidential, trusting relationship between the patient and their doctor’.

As a doctor of 30 years, Specialist GP Advisor to the Care Quality Commission, and as a GP Trainer, Dr Chaturvedi handpicks the team of family doctors using strict criteria that is beyond industry standard. Dr Chaturvedi and his team offer house calls 7 days a week to members and sometimes to non-members. HealthClic doctors have notable experience and further qualifications in addition to their years as hospital doctors, including an infallible logic and medical knowledge, as well as a personable client-centric demeanour. By personally interviewing the doctors, Dr Chaturvedi ensures his GPs ‘go out of their way’ and ‘do their very best’ for clients.

HealthClic doctors would not look after more than 50 families each to ensure there is focus on the trusting patient-doctor relationship, allowing for doctors to be proactive and attentive like none other. Dr Chaturvedi even personally meets the specialists to whom his team may refer patients for further investigation; every step of the patient pathway is quality-controlled.

HealthClic concierge medicine is all about prevention however; perfect for a world where ageing well and going at 100 miles an hour is now a common theme. Dr Chaturvedi’s approach to preventative healthcare is to start off patients with a full body MOT – sometimes covering genetic testing, scanning and blood tests – which may measure bone density, muscle mass and visceral fat levels. Each new member receives a personalised report and a bespoke health plan, which details their strengths and risk factors based on lifestyle, genetics and medical history. Members have a personal doctor and dedicated Healthcare Representative (to work with the client’s PA) to co-ordinate appointments, ensure they follow their plan and not only optimise their health; but carefully look out for warning signs.

‘Even one simple annual check-up can multiply the likelihood of picking up early signs of problems” says Dr Chaturvedi. “Stressful lifestyles and longer life expectancies also mean new challenges faced by doctors; such as increasing instances of dementia and Alzheimer’s in the Western world. It is urgent to provide patients – who are so time strained – with attentive care around their schedule; so we can worry about their health while they worry about the rest.’

Dr Chaturvedi recalls a memorable event with a non-UK client who recently summoned a HealthClic doctor to her hotel door during her stay in London. ‘I went with her to admit her to the hospital, as she was alone. That’s the service you deserve when yours or your family’s health is concerned- that’s the type of service that you really need to give – particularly at a higher level for people who expect the best.’

It is indeed comforting for HNWs that they can have all medical and health needs with one phone call, opting for concierge medicine over traditional practices to enhance their lifestyle, maximize their time and look after their families.

Dr Anuj Chaturvedi