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One of FLiP’s three founding family lawyers and the sole one at the firm today, Gillian Bishop has been a family lawyer for over 35 years. Clients include City professionals, CEOs and celebrities, and, crucially, ‘people with money or their spouses — working with the two keeps you lively to both sides of the argument,’ she explains. Bishop focuses on all aspects of divorce and family law, in particular on the financial repercussions of relationship breakdown and complex private law children matters. Her work frequently has an international perspective, often involving tax and trust implications, substantial assets or incomes. When it comes to the law itself, Bishop says she has come round to the belief that there needs to be some codification of financial remedy cases. ‘I’ve been a fan of the fact that our system is discretionary, but in terms of litigation it’s become increasingly difficult to predict outcomes,’ she explains. No-fault divorce also needs to be looked at again urgently. When she isn’t representing her clients, who praise her calm approach, she is pioneering new and improved approaches to family law. One of the pioneers who imported the ‘collaborative model’ from the US, Bishop’s most recent venture has been to set up a new training body, FLiP Faculty, which trains family law professionals in the understanding of relationship dynamics and the interaction between client and lawyer.

Gillian Bishop