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A lawyer with a ‘wealth of knowledge and experience that can’t be beaten,’ according to peers, Levison has been going to bat for divorcing HNWs for over 40 years. A co-founder of the firm and the International Academy of Family Lawyers, market authorities single out his ‘accurate and practical’ approach — not to mention his dedication (‘he fights hard for each and every client’, says one). He says he’s noticed a surge in clients seeking pre- and postnups, and alternative resolutions to disputes. What does he think the industry needs most? ‘More reliance on private dispute resolution in order to avoid time delays and potential inefficiencies in the court system,’ he says. Meanwhile, pre-nuptials are not very well understood – something that’s hardly surprising, according to Levison: ‘Although not legally binding they are ever more taken into account even when made on marriage in a foreign jurisdiction.’ What does he most enjoy about his role? ‘We’re like doctors,’ he says. ‘We take people at a low ebb, and make them better.’ Chairman of the Old Carthusian Art Society, he also owns his own gallery in Bermondsey Street. The music lover and car collector trained at Theodore Goddard and qualified in 1976. He became a partner at Collyer-Bristow in 1980, and a founding partner of Levison Meltzer Pigott in 1998.

Jeremy Levison