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Jonathan Bell is droll about the life of a wealth manager. ‘The moments I remember most vividly are some of the investments when I lost money,’ the CIO says. Likewise, asked where the smart money is going in 2017, he writes: ‘If it is smart we will only find out afterwards.’ His ability to delve beneath the jargon is certainly refreshing. Bell has around 25 clients, made up of both wealthy families and UK charities. His clients ‘are comfortable with exposure to quoted equities and unquoted real estate, private equity and private credit.’ They benefit from Bell’s intellectual nature: when not investing, the author and self-confessed bookworm can likely be found in his library, poring over the wisdom of Benjamin Graham. As for the future, the CIO envisions a fight for the crown of international financial capital in 50 years’ time between New York, Shanghai and London. Bell is unfazed by the Trump presidency in the short term, but states that ‘longer term protectionism in all its guises by Trump, the EU, Beijing or whomever is bad news for the global economy’. Clients have only standout praise for him: ‘I am constantly impressed,’ says one. ‘He looks at investments based on rigorous interpretation of data with a cool head, and not surprisingly comfortably outperforms our benchmarks.’

Jonathan Bell