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Although founded and based in South Africa, ARRCC have, over the recent years, shifted the focus of their business to the international arena. Key to this push is Michele Rhoda, who says: ‘What we used to do locally, we can now do in Barcelona,Paris and more.’ Their international outlook isn’t only good for the business, as Rhoda notes that ‘to be able to explore other places is a creative benefit.’ It is this ambition which is driving their success, where ARRCC are now at the scale where they ‘only design big, high-end projects: ‘The company is quite established with a big team, so we need to work on a project of a certain size,’ explains Rhoda. Her own career reflects the growth ARRCC has experienced. She completed a National Diploma in Interior Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a Merit Award in 2005. During that same year, Rhoda started as an intern at ARRCC and, with her contribution to the subsequent growth of ARRCC, was promoted to Director in 2013. Rhoda’s vocation and personal passions seamlessly intersect: her work life and her interests in art, travel, film, fashion and photography fuse and feed one another. She has a catalogue of successful projects, locally and abroad, which are a testament to this. Each of her interiors exhibits a unique scope of inspiration. Rhoda believes a strong work ethic and ability to maintain trust with her clients and team are her most valued attributes.

Michele Rhoda